The name Maintal stands for a premium assortment of preserves and jellies for more than 120 years. Our fruit specialties from Franconia/Bavaria are manufactured with most possible care. All steps of production, from the delivery and control of the fruits up to the gentle manufacturing, take place in our company. Therefore, we can guarantee highest quality.

The sweet success story of Maintal jam started in 1886. At that time Josef Müller, the founder, was a wholesaler of vegetable and country products in the Lower Franconian region of Haßfurt. He was primarily engaged in tea, herbs, and dried fruit trading before he began to produce jams and jellies in 1889.

Today, more than 125 years later, Maintal Konfitüren GmbH is one of the oldest and most traditional jam companies in Germany. Since 1999, Anne Feulner and Klaus Hammelbacher have succeeded as the fourth generation of the rich company history.


Maintal Germany

Selected fruits processed for our organic fruit spreads mature from blossom to harvest regarding to strict guidelines of the organic law - without using pesticides and artificial fertilizer.

The fruits can develop their full flavour and because of harvesting in their best state of maturity only our sweetest fruits are processed to preserve.

For being awarded with the organic seal they control all steps from organic cultivation at certified fruit traders to selling in stores. Thereby we guarantee our customers getting strict checked quality.

You can find our organic certificate here.


Our internal quality management was audited and certified by an independent auditing institute according to the International Featured Standard (IFS).

This guarantees that only the best raw material passes our incoming goods control. That means only selected quality is used by us. All other ingredients are also selected according to strict criteria based on detailed specifications. To match these criteria Maintal always works with suppliers of high-class quality raw material.

The IFS Standard guarantees that Maintal complies with the highest demands in case of transparency, product quality and hygiene. That's how our customers receive exclusive products of certified quality.

DLG Awards

Maintal jams are awarded the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society) Awards once again - DLG Award for long-term product quality and Gold Award for the Rosehip Spread Extra. Maintal has been testing its products voluntarily for many years by DLG's experts. In the tests, each product is evaluated according to scientific quality standards and an expert opinion is prepared. In a sensory analysis, appearance, color, consistency, smell and taste are evaluated. Packaging and marking are also being considered. A Gold Award is only awarded to products which fulfill all test criteria. This year, the Rosehip Spread Extra was again able to convince the DLG Commission and received a DLG gold medal. Additionally, Maintal jams have been awarded the DLG Prize for long-term product quality for the sixth time. Only companies that have demonstrated their constant quality performance and their long-term competitiveness by DLG for five years in a row are honored this award.



Maintal is producer of the year of 2009

The long-established company Maintal is one of the most successful manufacturer of preserves in Germany. Now Maintal has been awarded by the newspaper "Abendzeitung Nürnberg" in their "culinary Franconia"- series with the award "Producer of the year". On the occasion of this series, Abendzeitung prices producer which care for, achieve and revive the culinary tradition of Franconia. Maintal business manager Klaus Hammelbacher received a certificate by bavarian health minister Dr. Markus Söder on March 18, 2010.


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