MOGLi Organic Plum Moothies


Demeter certified plums, pears and quince are used in this fruity combination to give a balanced and delicious smoothie for kids with a big flavour. Handy, pocket sized and therefore ideal when out and about.

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MOGLi Organic Plum Moothies is made with 100% fruit and free from artificial flavours, thickening agents, colourings and preservatives. Contains only natural occuring sugars from the fruit itself.

Quince fruit looks like an apple but is related to pears. This almost forgotten native fruit is full of goodness - especially rich in fibre, potassium, iron and vitamin C. 


Plum**(45%), pear**(45%), quince*(10%)

*from organic farming
**from certified biodynamic farming

Size 100g
Made in Europe
Europe Organic Yes
Preservative Free Yes
Non-GMO Yes
No Antibiotics/Hormones Yes
Type Smoothies

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