Holle Organic Cow Milk Formulas

It is the Demeter milk that makes our infant cow milk formulas so special. In Demeter farming, the holistic quality of the products takes centre stage; compliance with the strictest policies throughout organic farming is continuously verified by independent institutes.

Demeter cow’s milk is of the highest quality and has the best taste – all this is primarily thanks to the appropriate rearing of the cattle: they live in small herds, are able to go out to graze on a regular basis, are only fed organic feed with plenty of hay and green fodder – mostly from the farm itself. This makes the animals robust and full of vigour. In addition, Demeter cows are allowed to keep their horns. According to Demeter farmers, these are important for the digestion of feed and thus also affect the quality of the milk. Our Demeter cow’s milk comes from certified farms in southern Germany.​

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