Hago Limited is a leading Health Food marketer and distributor in Hong Kong. We distribute high quality functional health food and organic food in Hong Kong, Macau, and China.

The company was founded in 1998. We have our own fully equipped, air-conditioned warehouse and logistics. Our products are sold in Hong Kong, Macau, and China through an established network of retail stores, including major supermarkets, personal healthstores, and department stores. We also sell our products through professional organizations such as clinics, dietitians, private hospitals, and nursing association. Outside of Hong Kong, our products are sold through a network of stocking dealers. The dealers have the capability to service their local market.

As a responsible corporal citizen, we support a number of local charity organizations. We are a supporter of the Hong Kong Juvenile Diabetes Association (www.hkjda.org). We also make regular donations to local senior homes. In the future, we plan to make further contributions in the local environmental protection education programs in kindergartensand primary schools.


We strive to bring the best products from oversea to our customers. The products that we carry are proven to bring health benefits to our customers. As a good citizen of our planet, our other aim is to promote a healthy and organic lifestyle so that our children can learn how to co-existence with our environment.

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